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Steven Cheung: the Chinese Lib Dem candidate

Steven Dominique Cheung, one of just three Chinese candidates that are running for Parliament, spoke to Westminster Election Live about his goals and campaign. Reporter: Aimee Ren

Cheung, the 25-year-old Hong Kong migrant is campaigning in Walthamstow as a Lib Dem candidate. If he wins, he will become the first Chinese MP in the UK.

Cheung is up against current MP for Walthamstow, Labour Party’Stella Creasy. He admits that beating her in this election will be very difficult. He says he has a  “fifty-fifty chance.” He adds: “The demographic has changed rapidly, so in my constituency, it is quite unpredictable.”

Seven talked about the biggest challenge in Walthamstow and what he can offer more than his rival. He says what he would do is to take his approach from what Labour has been doing in the constituency, by getting abroad and attract more foreign companies to invest in Walthamstow.


Walthamstow’s high crime rate is Steven’s first concern and also will be the first issue he will get his hand on if he is elected as the MP. He talked about a planned march coming in May and how he is going to stop it.

Chinese people are the second largest immigrant population in the UK, but the Chinese community are not usually seen on the political scene. Steven is also working on the improvement of Chinese community’s political involvement.


He also talked about the issue in the UK and also especially in his constituency that the Chinese community is facing, including the care of the elderly and the international student policy.

Chinese students consist the largest number of foreign students in the UK, but they are largely not active in foreign policy. Steven also gave suggestion how they can participate into the political practice, and said he would encourage foreign students to get involved with politics.


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