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Brent Central Hustings – Immigration

Brent Central parliamentary candidates had the chance to meet their electorate on the 15th of April.

Among the questions presented during the hustings, there was this one:
My family and I came here from Brazil in 2005. We now run a little company. Where do you stand on the national debate on immigration?


Shahrar Ali – Green Party
The borough of Brent has suffered more than others in this area. The government has allowed racist bans in the area. What they will do is to run against them. “We need to look at the benefits of migration,” Shahrar Ali said. The Green Party is going to vote pro-Europe.


John Boyle – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
This topic, in John Boyle’s opinion, is another distraction-way from austerity. The party’s proposal is for strong unions to bring people together. It will avoid unpaid work and other problems related to migration.


Dawn Butler – Labour Party
Dawn Butler talked about the “disgraceful” situation the migrants have often to live, near bus stops or coach stations. “People have to wait 20 years before having their rights. How are you going to survive for 20 years? It is absolutely ridiculous,” she said. The Labour candidate pledged the end to all the “damages done during these years.”


Lauren Keith – Liberal Democrats
For what regards this topic, Mrs Keith mentioned the work made by the previous Lib Dems MP Sarah Teather. “It is important that, as a community, we celebrate diversity,” she said.


Kamran Malik – Communities United Party
Immigration is seen as a problem because people have no knowledge. According to the Communities United Party’s manifesto, their aim is a controlled immigration policy.


Alan Mendoza – Conservative Party
“We have learnt a lot from these people,” Alan Mendoza said. What they propose are new policies for integration, but also to limit an uncontrolled presence of migrants in this country.


Stephen Priestley – UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Talking about migrants and refugee, “I want to add a personal note,” starts the UKIP candidate. “I praise diversity. I was born and educated in Hong Kong. And I think it is fundamentally important to the diversity of this society, it is fundamental in Brent.” On UKIP’s opinion on this subject, Stephen Priestley said that there is a lot of bad press.


For the other topics treated during the hustings:


The full list of candidates is available here.



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