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Brent Central Hustings – Health and social care

Brent Central parliamentary candidates had the chance to meet their electorate on the 15th of April.

Among the questions presented during the hustings, there was this one:
Health and social care. How will the vulnerable still have services in time of austerity?


Shahrar Ali – Green Party
He remembered his experience as a campaigner and is now astonished by the “costly privatisation of hospitals.” The public service will be green, according to his party’s manifesto.


John Boyle – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
Mr Boyle said he was opposed to austerity. He remembered the campaigns and petitions made to save the hospitals, especially those in high density poor areas,  where they are most needed. Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition will reduce the privatisation of these services.


Dawn Butler – Labour Party
The closure of social services is criminal. People living in poor parts of Brent have to travel by bus to reach Northwick Park Hospital: that is frustrating, according to Mrs Butler.
The Labour Party is the one party who will to save the NHS she said. “We cannot wait other five years for this”. Another important issue Labour will address is unpaid carers.



Lauren Keith – Liberal Democrats
The system in which social care services operate now is not perfect. The Liberal Democrat candidate said her party will cut the costs people pay for receiving health care.


Kamran Malik – Communities United Party
Social care plays an important role in the community life. The party is for the public conservation of these services.


Alan Mendoza – Conservative Party
In the last five years, the government has spent a lot in social care services. “We need strong representation in the government to make things change,” Alan Mendoza said. GPs are available seven days a week for the first time: they have guaranteed the right to access care services over the weekend. “We need the Conservatives to keep on this kind of funding for NHS,” he continued. “It is about protecting the society. And that is what the government is about to do in the next five years.”


Stephen Priestley – UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Health care is a crucial point. It is a priority for UKIP, according to Stephen Priestley. They have always campaigned for the essential services, such as the NHS and Education. The NHS needs to receive more money.



For the other topics treated during the hustings :


The full list of candidates is available here.




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